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Hi ! Nice to see you here ! Please, look around and click whatever looks interesting. Feel free to e-mail me with your comments or thoughts, it's always a pleasure for me to communicate people all over the world.

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EducaCentre - Russian Language courses and Travel Services
I worked for
St.Petersburg Times - City News on English
I pretend 
to read
Dilbert loves technology for the sake of technology. In fact, Dilbert loves technology more than people. He's got the social skills of a mousepad and he'd rather surf the Internet than Waikiki (which, considering the physique he developed after years of sitting in front of a PC screen, is a blessing).
Kewl free postcards
Kewl free 
Good thing for your desktop - Matrix Reloaded free screensaver
The Matrix 

And if you need a reference for some kind of web work - go to http://www.webreference.com , if you want some jokes go to http://joking.narod.ru

Prices for mobile phones and accessories - http://www.sotovik.ru/phones and http://www.mobile.spb.ru 

This 5th Element picture covers all my dreams at once - 
it's about the flying and the future

That's all for now. As soon as I have something else to say, I will put more info ... Last change was made at April 1st, 2012

With best wishes, Serge Arsentiev also-known-as antiduck@mail.ru


my past addiction was the Futurama and The Simpsons, here a little something about it: