This web site is a designer's homepage & portfolio. We got plenty of this stuff in Russian Internet. Still, I hope, this web site might be interesting for you.

For perspective customers - take a look at Portfolio section, where you can find mix of my commercial projects, and also my creative studies and personal projects. This might help you to understand if I'm good (god? =)) in Photoshop, Imageready, Illustrator, 3ds max.
The complete and boring resume is here.
I offer the following services: web sites design (from draft to slicing and html authoring), vector graphics, operations with photos: retouch, correction, collages, etc.

Photos: 2 albums now, more to go.

Mess: miscellaneous things drop here - mostly not related to design. Like thoughts and hobbies.

About me. I live in St. Pete (Russia), at Feb 2004 I've got my 2nd Master's degree in computer design at St. Petersburg Polytechnical university. I love dolphins, lillies of the valley, voice of Nikolay Litvinov, illustrations by German Ogorodnikov, WASGIJ jigsaw-puzzles, Ezhy and Petrucho, Amelie the movie, Tourgenev square in St. Pete, Alenka chocolate, kids books, cafes, to stay home when it's raining, to walk barefoot, get mail...

Write me at mail@laverock.ru or use other way to reach me - roadmap presents at Contact section. I will be happy to receive your comments...

Sencerely yours,
Ludmila (Laverock)

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